The stressful part of preparing to leave

I’m going to write a post later about the fun awesome funny parts of preparing to go on study exchange, but the stressful portion outweighs the fun.

#1 Forms

Forms forms forms forms forms. Applications. Printing. Passport number. Driver licence number. Signatures. Passport sized photos. Emails.

The visa and Centrelink Youth Allowance application were the most cumbersome. Thre aren’t many other forms. Although I had to register my pre-study travel details on the Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade AND red24 Global website. Having to enter 7 destinations worth of transport and accommodation details was finnicky and finger-cramping.

For Centrelink, I went with my mum on Wednesday, then I went again in Friday, then my mum went again the following Monday. So many forms and ‘Idendity Verifications’!

And oh man for the visa application it just took a lot of time to prepare. Fill out an online form, scan your entire passport, get your fingerprints recorded (which took about 1 hour longer than it should’ve, because… Story for another time).

Anywho. All these official documents and such have left me feeling quite stressed and frustrated. But I know they are necessary and it’ll be worth it.
#2 Waiting for approval of Visa

 I’m leaving in 9 days and I still don’t have my residence permit yet. It generally takes 6 weeks to process, and I applied around 6 weeks ago, so technically I should be receiving news of it now. Who knows, I might get mail today!

I now understand why people like Wendy P. say “If it’s not early, it’s late”.

So here I am, baggy-eyed with uncertainty because I might not be allowed onto the airplane.

Moral of story: ‘on time’ is not good enough. ‘on time’ is late.

Also: I contacted the Danish Consulate in Sydney and they said that it is possible to enter Denmark while your residence permit is still being processed. The permit is processed in Denmark, so you just ask them to send it to your Danish address and ta-da — all is swell. HOWEVER, your airline may not allow you onto the airplane if they see that you don’t have a visa for 6 months. So I need to contact my airline, Emirates, and be like ‘yo what’sthe deal can I go in your plane or do I need evidence of my uni admission letter, sufficient funds or whatnot?’.

So I called Emirates yesterday.

And they said they didn’t know, and I’d have to ask the Embassy.

– frustrated noises in distance –

I’ve been left hanging by both sides. I guess I’ll look on the Schengen website.
Ta ta. I’m going to pack now and pray about my residence permit.


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