Before the Wedding!


On the night before the wedding, Bianca and I, and all the bridesmaids (except K) slept over at Carrie’s house.

I bussed to Carrie’s house in the evening after uni and there they all were, with Asian takeaway — chicken lettuce, noodles, rice. I ate some too, but I was already pretty full, because I had eaten half a bag of Kettle’s rosemary chips on the way there. #regrets

(For memory’s sake, the maids of honour were M and C, and the two other bridesmaids were K and F. The best man was Dat and groomsmen were T, D, and P.C.) (arghh idk if I should ‘protect their identities’ and leave their names out or whatnot).

We washed up, Bianca arrived, and we sat down for some good ol’ board games. We played a couple of rounds of Codenames , which is a pretty fun word/concept/deduction game. Us sisters vs the three bridesmaids. Fiona loves painting nails so she painted mine a funky nude colour that was lovely but also looked like when you’re trying to mix skin colour on a painting and it looks like … not skin colour. She painted Bianca’s a striking black 🙂

Codenames was fun but a bit bland since we were all so tired and… excited? Tense? Anxious? for the wedding tomorrow. We were pretty quiet and the house was quiet and everything was just very still. Perhaps we couldn’t believe that the ‘big day’ was finally here.

The bridesmaids opened their giftboxes from Carrie. Inside was a silk bathrobe, a ring dish with their name on it, T2 strawberry tea, frank body unicorn scrub (in the coolest holographic rainbow packaging), and something else I can’t quite remember.

Carrie was tired and needed a good night’s rest, so she went to bed first, and the rest of us settled down by about 11pm.

Bianca and I slept in ‘bedroom 3’ with the super cute dog quilt cover. She was going to sleep on the sofa cushions on the floor but we thought, “hey, maybe we can squish on this single bed”. So we did.

And it wasn’t actually that bad. I thought I would’ve kicked Bianca off or something.

🌻 Fast forward to the next day 🌻

At 6:45am we were woken but the hustle bustle outside our room.

Everyone was up already! They were all wearing their bridesmaids silk bathrobes, and Carrie was wearing the special bride’s robe which was whitish pink.

Meila and I made breakfast. I accidentally made an omelette instead of scrambled eggs. There were also apples, toast, and quiche. I started making some sandwiches for lunch — eggplant dip, roast pork, ham, cheese, cucumber :~)

I had borrowed a fancy DSLR camera from uni for the weekend, and was enjoying taking amateur (read: badly lit and framed) shots. But hey, it’s better to have bad shots on a good camera than bad shots on my bad phone camera!

The bridesmaids were taking turns getting their hair and makeup done. The makeup artist was Sarah Thong. She’s like the main makeup artist for Asians in Brisbane. She did an excellent job!

Our mum and Peter’s mum arrived shortly, and got their hair and makeup done too.


mum checking herself out in the background

Meanwhile, Fiona put makeup on Bianca and I 😚 she even gave me a beauty blender which I will treasure. My first beauty blender :’)

The photographer and videographer arrived, and circled the room and house, rearranging things and framing things, documenting this special day. When looking out the window, I didn’t realise the photographer was the photographer, and as he approached the house, I thought, “Why is this creeper taking photos of our house?”

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Everyone’s hair was done, and the only person left for makeup was Carrie. They were all looking very glam and airbrushed. By now it was past 11am and almost time to go. I stuffed my face with sandwiches and eggless cookies, and Bianca and I got dressed into our fancy wedding-clothes. We left the bride’s house with mum, with the car loaded full of our musical instruments, buttonholes, and stuff. We’ll see them later at the church. 🚗


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