mothers’ day 2017

(no pictures added yet)


today was mothers’ day.


my older sister had the fabulous idea of cooking a breakfast platter. normally we only cook a fancy breakfast for the person we’re celebrating (on birthdays/mothers’/fathers’ days). but then nobody else gets to have delicious food.

so this breakfast platter idea was genius, because it meant that we would all get to share a delicious breakfast together instead of watching one person eat.


we siblings got up early to start cooking. here is an exhaustive list of what we arranged on two large wooden chopping boards (ah, so rustic):

  • bacon
  • eggs, sunny side up
  • hash browns
  • avocado
  • red grapes
  • haloumi cheese
  • aioli sauce
  • cucumber
  • mushrooms
  • cherry tomatoes (on the vine! fancy)

B also decided to make a tonne of waffles with maple syrup. mmmm

it was a super delicious brekkie and we were all very full.

the platter looked amazing and it was a warm fuzzy feeling to have the whole family (including P) gathered around the table in the morning, because that rarely ever happens.

after that, we went to church, where we had hilarious ‘dat-lympics’ to see who could screech the highest, who could pencil-jump the highest, and who could… dab the best. it was hilarious. robert’s dab was very precise and revealed a ‘snapback and vans’ size of him i’d never seen.

we had a crazy relay with ping-pong balls and spoons (i was very confused), followed with mothers’ day crafts.

after lunch at home, we (B, C, mum & i) went out for desert at café s152!

it has a very laid-back, vintage lightbulb terrarium vibe. they diy their coffee cups by hand-stamping the logo on them! how clever, cost-efficient and rustic 8)

we had a chai frappe, latte and ms. betty tea (like earl grey). the chai frappe was mmmmmm :’)

a little kid on the table next to ours was eating a corn icecream sandwich, so we got some from the korean grocery mart next door. it was $3 which is pricey but it was very nice! i love ice cream sandwiches, and this one had corn bits and mochi in it which was nice.

so it was a very nice mothers’ day.


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