Carrie’s Bridal Shower

The 'welcome' table with a scrapbook, polaroid camera, confetti and happiness.
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How sad is it that the wedding’s already passed and I haven’t written about the bridal shower yet! My main problem is that I don’t know what photos to add, so I spend ages edting them.


On April 20-something was Carrie’s Bridal Shower! It took place a month before her wedding, and it was a truly joyful day, filled with many laughs and great food.

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We got up at 6am to go buy fresh flowers from the Rocklea Flower Market. THAT PLACE IS GORGEOUS, and so cool. We spent $300+ on flowers, you’ll find out why soon.

After buying the flowers, we returned home, got dressed nicely, and headed to Carrie’s house. It was decorated with much charm and festivity. The bridesmaids + some friends had stayed up quite late decorating.

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There was a bunting (“Carrie’s Bridal Shower”), lots of confetti, a ‘date suggestions’ jar, a scrapbook waiting to be filled, sparkly gel pens, stickers, and washi tape (!!). Everything was so lovely! (It was funny cause some of the confetti said “Just Married”).  Meila brought her polaroid camera, and everyone had their photo taken, then stuck in the scrapbook, with a handwritten note 🙂 It was a super cute and hip idea and very good way of preserving the loveliness of the day.

Slowly, guests started to arrive, about 35 in total, all wearing pretty dresses and bringing deliocious food. I ate so much. No regrets. (Actually maybe a bit of regret because I lacked self control). Some of the most memorable dishes were:

  • Vegan strawberry cupcakes (with non-vegan icing tho). They looked amazing. We all thought they were from a fancy bakery but actually, Tram made them. They were iced beautifully with gold powder.
  • Vegan lasagne. No idea what was in it but it was delicious 😋
  • Beetroot tart. 80% of people thought it was a sweet dessert but no, it was savoury, and it was hot pink, and it was delish. Very fancy.
  • Spring rolls. They were hand-made 👌
  • Amy’s malteser mini cupcakes. Bite-sized with crushed maltesers inside and a malteser on top, yes puh-leease
  • The cake from Le Bon Choix 🍰. Anne bought it but didn’t take it out of the fridge (maybe there was too much food already?) So we got to take a portion home and eat it for the next few days 😂 It was that chocolate hazelnut mouse one, which is Bianca’s favourite Le Bon Choix flavour.

I was trying to be all cool and aesthetic and this fly lands just as the shutter goes off. Ugh.

We played some games (trivia on Carrie), ate food, and made FLOWER CROWNS 😘😳💐🌸💮🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷

Everyone looked like a fabulous fairy. Mine looked pretty sad, so empty and sticking out at weird angles. I don’t know why, but like everything 3D I make is so blah. I guess I’ll stay within the confines of the 2D world.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

The next activity was a cute one.

It was a little trivia to see how well Carrie knew Peter.

Meila asked Carrie questions about Peter, and she had to answer them.

Then, Meila would play a video of Peter answering those same questions, and we’d see if Carrie got it right! She got 99% correct!

The questions were stuff like,

  • Which item of Peter’s clothing do you wish he’d stop wearing? (A: that old shirt with the hole in it!)
  • Where was your first date?
  • Which item of your clothing does Peter with you’d stop wearing?
  • Who was the first to say “I love you”?

Next, while we were all crowded around the living room TV, donned in flower crowns, Mum played the sentimental video she makes for our birthdays every year. It’s basically a photo slideshow of your life story, from birth to now. She puts in the same music in every video for our whole family (somewhere out there & make me a channel of your peace; man, Mum has good branding). And then there’s an emotional loving message at the end. Since Carrie is 20-something years old, the video was heckers long.

Meanwhile, Carrie opened her gifts, and got a lot of homewares and candles and giftcards. How nice 🙂

The video ended, Carrie gave a mini-speech wherein she thanked everyone for their gifts, and thanked them for coming. It was a good speech*.

Then it was basically the end, and those who stayed mingled, ate more food and helped clean up! Good times.

It was a splendid day and Carrie must have felt oh so loved.



*Yo I just realised that the bride doesn’t get to do a speech at the wedding!?


2 thoughts on “Carrie’s Bridal Shower

  1. It sounds like you had such a great time! Also your flower crown looks beautiful despite what you said about it looking blah. Ahh the little white flowers remind me of the Tiara club series where the princesses have a bouquet making class. What’s the name of the flower again?


    1. aw! thanks :’)
      hahahaha i remember reading tiara club
      i just did a quick search and they’re called baby’s breath and they’re part of the carnation family!!! i didn’t know that.


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