Cafe Cherry Beans

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Cool lights

Today my friends and I decided to meet up for brunch at Cafe Cherry Beans

Oooh brunch, fancy.

I arrived 2 hours early to meet with S & D at the library to plan for our trip to Europe. We managed to rough out an itinerary, so it was a big sigh of relief and a big step forward. It has the generic places on it (London, Paris, Rome #sorry) but argh. Those places are hyped up for a reason!

After our joyful research session, we met the rest of the group for ~brunch~

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Photography ain’t my forte
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#flat-lay ain’t even flat // ham cheese croissants, flat whites, green tea lattes, chips, pineapple + bacon toasties, and poached eggs, mmmmmmmmmmmmm
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R’s chips + tomato + hollaindaise

Our food was aesthetic and scrumptious-looking enough. I had a toasted ham cheese croissant for $8.5

On a scale of stale to gorgeous buttery perfection, it was a solid 7/10. The cheese and ham were lovely, but the outside was dry, crispy and flaky. Unfortunately, I prefer buttery chewy croissants (because dry flaky food sticks to the roof of your mouth and tastes like nothing and chokes you and — I could go on. But I’ll spare you)

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“Imagine if someone had a foodie Instagram but all the photos were taken AFTER they started eating and ruined the perfection” — C, 2017

At some point, I read out my testimony to them — my story and experience of how and why I want to follow Jesus. In a nutshell, I used to be obsessed with body image and sad that I was not ‘good enough’, and severe anger issues. I’ve tried many things to find fulfilment – social media ‘likes’, gaming, shopping, cleaning my room with the Konmari method (I worshipped that lady) … But now I know that nothing on earth will ever bring peace of the same level and same … wavelength (type) God can provide. I acknowledge that He is the real ruler of the entire world, and the only one who is able to save us from sin and a life without purpose.

Next, some of us bought bubble tea, and we headed to Riot (the art shop, S bought nibs), Daiso and W Cosmetics.

We spent ages loitering around and testing products but nobody even bought anything. There’s just something about the magical, sparkly, well-lit, make-up store that makes it very entertaining.

It was a wonderful get-together! Would definitely do brunch again. And I am so excited to keep on planning with S & D for Europe



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